We build civic systems.

Jarvus is a consultancy that brings technology solutions to public service organizations.

Our mission

Our mission is to move the world forward in positive ways, with everything from our technology projects and products to the supportive remote working environment we create. One step at a time, we’ve spent over a decade building a team of talented technologists who share this vision.

Our team

We are fine-tuned engine of freelancers, entrepreneurs, and drop-outs. Our overlapping skills allow us to anticipate the needs of coworkers and clients alike. Without the structural limitations set by most larger companies, we’re able to work faster and more efficiently. These are the people that make it happen.

  • Chris Alfano

  • Julia Schaumburg

    Research Lead
  • Mjumbe Poe

    Software Engineer
  • Charlie Costanzo

    Analytics Engineer
  • Soren Spicknall

    Senior Data Engineer
  • Kate Tsunoda

    Managing Director
  • Nafis Bey

    Senior Engineer
  • Chris Cauley

    Software Engineer
  • Bill Clinton

    Software Engineer
  • Kevin Clough

    Software Engineer
  • Ryon Coleman

    Software Engineer
  • James Lott

    DevOps Engineer
    Infrastructure Lead

Our ventures

Jarvus funds and supports a variety of civic and educational initiatives with the goal of using software to benefit as many citizens as possible.

Slate is an education technology platform, built by Jarvus and co-designed with our partner schools. Our platform provides the technological infrastructure for new learning methodologies, taking advantage of one-to-one device programs. Slate was conceived by Jarvus engineer Chris Alfano when local magnet high school Science Leadership Academy was struggling to manage the Apple laptops given to every student. Now, after more than a decade of maturation, the platform has grown into a suite of competency and project learning management, student information, hardware tracking, and reporting tools. More than a dozen local and regional high schools, including SLA, Building 21, and Matchbook Learning, run entirely on the Slate platform.

Slate intends to redefine the way students use technology to learn, and the way we evaluate outcomes in public schools. Step 1 in changing the world is fixing our fundamentally flawed public education systems.

N3rd Street Gamers is a professional eSports organization led by retired professional gamer Steve Csikos. Its mission is to bring eSports into the mainstream by combining high quality productions with casual social gaming events, all within an organically-grown community of gamers.

We believe that competition provides a necessary outlet for energy, as well as training in crucial collaborative skills such as team communication, leadership, and discipline. Providing this opportunity for social competition to our youth is a necessary alternative to physical competition, which can be exclusionary to some by nature.

NSG has began as an idea over ten years ago, and has grown into a full-fledged brand, reaching hundreds of thousands of gamers. The league continues to expand its offerings of casual and professional events.

Localhost is a tech community center in Northern Liberties, Philadelphia. Anchored by the Jarvus offices next door, our 2,800-ft warehouse space is home to N3rd Street Gamers and Code for Philly.

Localhost provides a safe place for students of technology at any level to learn and build together. Check out the event calendar and stop by!

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