For the past six years, Jarvus Core has been investing in Slate, an open source education platform for schools that are pioneering new learning methodologies. Slate’s unique offering of tools needed to track student/teacher progress and evolve new school models like project and competency-based curriculums.

Jarvus Education offers managed and hosted SaaS Slate installations for an affordable cost to schools who prefer not to host Slate themselves. Jarvus Education CEO Christian Kunkel now carries the torch, investing heavily and working with schools to improve the Slate platform’s offerings.

In order to ensure the liberty and longevity of Slate, Jarvus created the nonprofit Slate LLC, which houses and owns the intellectual property and copyrights for the open source licensed code base. The nonprofit’s board is composed entirely of the schools that use Slate.

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2 students using Slate.
Teachers supervising Slate students.
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Students working.